Covid-19 All You Need To Know About RT-PCR Tests
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Covid-19: All You Need To Know About RT-PCR Tests

RT-PCR testing is simply a variation and alteration of PCR testing i.e. Polymerase chain reaction. Originally, the test scheme is PCR but little variation has been made in this process and a new title or name has been generated as a RT-PCR. RT-PCR has one additional step which makes it little different from PCR.

Difference between RT-PCR and PCR

Both the tests and process are similar in method but there is little variation. In standard PCR, all you need is a DNA polymerase, primers, magnesium and thermocycler. PCR is basically used to amplify DNA and its composition for different type of experimental uses. It is widely used in genetic testing and experiments. Moreover, it is used for the detection of pathogenic DNA. On the other hand, RT-PCR make the use of RNA as a template. It has one additional steps that allows the detection and amplification of RNA. In RT-PCR, there is a reverse transcription of RNA to DNA and this step makes RT-PCR different from PCR.

RT-PCR as a Nuclear-Derived Method

It is considered to be a nuclear-derived method which is used with regards to detection of some sort of genetic material in any pathogen and also including any sort of virus. In this process, radioactive isotopes act as a tool for detection of genetic material.

This sort of method and technique has eradicated all the constraints of time because scientists can see the results while the process is going on. At the end of this detection process, final and complete results can be interpreted. Covid-19 Testing Services like EXPRESS PCR 24/7 Service use this method for the detection of virus of Covid-19 or any other virus.

Accuracy of RT-PCR Tests

Accuracy of this type of test is very decisive to results of presence of any virus or not. The appropriateness of this test is dependent upon the place where the sample is taken from. Generally, two cavities are the possible location where the sample can be taken from. One is oropharynx cavity and the other one is nasopharynx. But after carrying out the procedure from both the cavities, it has been seen that swap taken from nasopharynx appears to indicate the most apt results. So, nasopharynx appears to be the best location for the appropriateness of this test.

RT-PCR Tests for Covid-19

In order to optimize Covid-19 Testing Services in Dubai UAE and to speed up the testing process in the prevalence time of covid-19, this type of testing started to be used for Covid-19 Testing Services.

To simply explain this type of testing for Covid-19, a sample is collected from parts of body i.e. throat or nose. Because these are the apt areas from virus to get gathered in. After this, a sample is treated with number of chemical solutions to extract RNA. This RNA is inevitably a genetic material present in a body but, in this case, is resident in virus. Then, the RNA is reverse transcribed to DNA. After it, scientists try to add up small fragments of DNA to particular body parts of transcribed DNA that is viral in nature.

If the Covid-19 virus tends to appear in one’s body then these small fragments would get attached to specified sections of viral DNA and whole result would be in front.

This technique is considered to be very beneficial in comparison to PCR Test in Dubai because this RT-PCR testing is money and time efficient.

Cost of RT-PCR Tests

RT-PCR tests were little expensive when they became under use in first place. But with the passage of time, their prices tend to become bearable but still in some countries and cities, it is little expensive for people belonging to low classes. It is expensive in comparison to PCR Test in Dubai at Home. Generally, it costs somewhere between AED 200 to AED 400 but this amount can get varied with respect to areas and countries.

Reasons to Go for RT-PCR Tests

Reliable diagnosis is one the best reason to go for this type of testing even if it is little expensive for you. Other types of tests require you to get through the process of testing more than two times in most of the cases to be confirmed about your negativity. So, to be certain about your positivity or negativity, you must go for RT-PCR tests. Furthermore, you can get the result of these tests within three hours which is such a short span of time. So, any person who wants to get results in no time must go for this option. In this type of testing, there are low chances of contamination or of dirt. Moreover, there are no chances of errors in this testing.

Closing Words         

Therefore, it is to make a point that RT-PCR tests are the most valid and a reliable type of testing based on the perks and privileges that this testing provides. If you are looking for test type which is all-rounder in its services and operations, then you must consider going for RT-PCR tests.

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