How Long Does It Take To Get The Results From A Covid-19 Test

How Long Does It Take To Get The Results From A Covid-19 Test?

 Covid-19 is basically a contiguous disease that was emerged in the year of 2019 and first case of this disease was reported in Wuhan, China. It is one of the most petrifying and menacing pandemic ever emanated in the world. In order to cease its prevalence, the feat on vaccination started in the very early stages of Covid-19 and a hefty amount of countries took part in this regard. As a result of vaccinations constituted by so many of countries, the prevalence of this pandemic has obstructed to some level but still this disease is prevalent in the world.

There are certain variants that are emerging and every new variant is more drastic than the previous one.

It is a pandemic which is snatching lives of people and, in most of the cases, people even don’t know about their Covid-19 positivity and pass away. They don’t give any significance or attention to symptoms and signs that are emanating and hence this sort of attitude leads them to death. In this respect, it is intrinsic to get yourself tested whether you come across any symptom or not. But most of the people don’t get tested because they think it’s a lengthy and tedious process. In order to give you clear picture of how much time Covid-19 test results take to reach out to you and how much time you must be expecting in this situation, we are here to address all of these issues.

But before that, let us converse a little about indicators and signs pertaining to Covid-19 that must be taken into account and sudden action has to be taken. It is mandatory for you to get yourself tested when these indicators and symptoms come your way. But how to prevent problem that is subjective to everyone. And that problem is relating to getting symptoms. Some people get symptoms and some don’t. In this regard, let’s address symptomatic, asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people.

Symptomatic, Asymptomatic and Pre-symptomatic People

Symptomatic people are those getting symptoms of Covid-19 well on time. On the other hand, asymptomatic people are those that are infected with this disease but never develop any symptoms while pre-symptomatic people are those affected people that have not developed symptoms but they would develop symptoms later on.

But we are not known to this fact whether we would be encountered to first case or second or third. So, in order to play safe and remain secure, it is mandatory for you to get yourself tested whenever Covid-19 starts to become prevalent, no matter you develop symptoms or not.

Now let’s address some indicators and signs that get generally developed whenever someone is affected with this disease.

Indicators, Signs and Symptoms for Covid -19 Testing

There are some common symptoms and indicators that most of the people undergo when they are affected. These common symptoms and indicators are cited below.

Most Common Indicators and Symptoms

  1. Fever
  2. Cough.
  3. Body Pain.
  4. Headache.
  5. Flu.
  6. Sneezing.
  7. Tiredness
  8. Loss of taste or smell

Less Common Indicators and Symptoms

  1. Sore throat
  2. Severe Aches
  3. Diarrhea
  4. Rash on skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes
  5. Red or irritated eyes.
  6. Shortness of breath.

Whenever you undergo any of symptom mentioned above, it is advisable for you to get yourself tested at any cost in any possible way.

Time Consumption in Handing-over Test Results

The amount of time that it takes to get results depends upon 3 basic factors. One is the type of hospital or clinic you go to and second is the type of test you opt for and third is severity in prevalence of Covid-19.

Let’s address all of them one by one.

1. The Type of Hospital or Clinic you select

PCR test in Dubai is more reliable than in any other place. It is made assure there that you get your test results within two days hardly. But if you go for a clinic or hospital which is not mature in its processing or its scale is confined then you must wait for more than 4 days and it can take more long than this as well.

To put this idea into practice, let’s talk about Covid-19 Testing Services in Dubai UAE that vary from service to service.

Express PCR 24/7 Service is the most valid option in this respect. This service is available 24/7 and you can get your PCR testing done at any point in time.

PCR Test in Dubai at Home assures you to get your test results within 24 hours which is what most of the people want because they simply want to get out of the dilemma.

Here, it is to notify that some services are way too quick but some take a little while. So, if you want to get results immediately then you must go for those Covid-19  Testing Services that can serve you all of a sudden

2. The Type of Test you opt for

To simply put, there are two basic categories of tests when it comes to Covid-19 testing. One is antibody test and second is diagnostic test.

Antibody Tests

Antibody tests are the tests that helps identify antibodies that indicate you have previously contracted any variant of Covid-19.But these are the type of tests that cannot tell whether you have this virus contracted currently or not. This type of testing is less prevalent in Covid-19 Testing Services in Dubai UAE. The results of this type of test to reach out takes more than 2 or 3 days in general.

Molecular Tests

Molecular tests  and antigen test comes in diagnosis category and tell you about whether you have contracted virus currently or not and can’t tell you if you have gone through this previously or not. This type of testing is considered to be more accurate than antibody testing. It takes little more time than antibody testing.

Antigen Tests

These tests are known as “rapid tests” because you can get results within few minutes but compared to other types of tests, there is an increased chance of false result because if virus is present in small amount then this testing would mark you negative. In this way, this testing is fast in operation but not reliable according to some Covid-19 Testing Services.

3. Severity in Prevalence of COVID-19

Severity in prevalence can cause all the procedures complex and time taking. Whenever there is a spike, every system starts slowing down beaus of strain and pressure on the systems. So, if you are getting yourself tested in times of great prevalence, then you have to be little patient because it would take more than usual to coordinate results with you.

Closing Words

The crux of this argument lies in circumstances, options and situations you opt for. Covid-19 testing varies from area to area and country to country. Time consumption of results of Covid-19 testing is empirical to everyone based on their choices and experiences.

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